Defensive Use of a Shotgun in the Home...

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About The Course

This is a must have class if you plan to use a shotgun to defend your home and love ones.

Our shotgun class will teach you how to safely and efficiently load, unload and use a shotgun for the protection of your home, family and self.

You will get to know about the various types of ammo to meet your specific needs for your safeguard and the one's of your family.

We will run drills, and live fire exercises on the range.

Bring your shotgun and a box of 25 lead bird shot. (If you don't own a shotgun please let us know, so we can have one for you).

Ammo can be purchased at the range.

Shotguns must have a stock or pistol grip stock. No pistol grip only shotguns!

This is NOT a NRA course

  • Firearm safety
  • Introduction to the Shotgun
  • Knowledge of the different types of shotguns and their use
  • Shotgun for the home protection
  • Tactical loads and their use
  • Common tactical or defense add-ons
  • Patterning your gun
  • Moving and shooting indoors
  • Questions and comments

The are no prerequisites for taking this course. Just a good attitude and a willingness to learn.

This course is intended for mature law-abiding adults, who have the mindset and seriousness necessary to properly perform the activities in the course.

Class: Defensive Use of a Shotgun in the Home
Instructor: Tom Trostel
- NRA Basic Pistol
- NRA Personal Protection In the Home
- NRA Basic Shotgun
- Concealed Carry Instructor (Missouri, Florida)

Phone: 636-464-4867
Class Fees: $100.00

Class Times: 6:00-10:00pm (Both Nights)

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